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Why are there very few good Human Beings?

Every human being is born a clean and good person. The conditioning of the parents, teachers, and society decides what the child grows up to be. Unfortunately, since most elders are themselves doing the very opposite of what they preach, the child grows up in a confused environment where every body is struggling and literally 'fighting life.'

How many times have you seen a father give lectures on honesty to his son and when he gets a phone call of a certain person whom he owes money, he tells that very child to inform the caller that Daddy is not home. Now, no matter how many lectures the child may have heard, he will not follow the words but he will follow the behavior of his father.
And before he knows it, the child starts lying since his father's behavior is not honest.

Many fathers come home and try to justify a lack of performance from their own side by blaming the market conditions, blaming the politicians, blaming, blaming, blaming. Such elders confirm in the eyes of the watchful child that if you want to get away with anything, if you want to not do something, just make an excuse by blaming somebody or something. So, instead of becoming a doer, he becomes a lazy wisher. By the time he grows up, the child has gotten used to not doing things which should have been done for his own growth.

Now, when a child is growing up with hypocritical peers, who say something and do something else, he too tends to slowly duplicate everything the society tells him to do. Why? Because, even if he fails in whatever he has been asked to do, he can blame it on the people who asked him to do so in the first place. Easy, isn't it?

Stay with me, there's more. Do you think that with such a bringing up, any child could be confident to face the 'deadly' world ahead when he grows up? His self-confidence has already been devastated by all the negative inputs of unemployment, dirty politics, don't-trust-anybody reminders. Further, because everybody in the family is a doctor, he must also carry the name of the family forward by becoming a doctor. Now, this boy doesn't ever want to become a doctor. He hates the very sight of the red-cross. But what will the elders say…so he forces himself into the medical field.

Now, here is a perfect born child, totally changed by time and conditioning, making a living doing something he hates. Every day he goes to work with almost hatred towards his profession. With this attitude, can he succeed? Very little chance for that! So he is frustrated and always waiting to vent out his frustration.

In this state of mind, he is even ready to “shoot the bloody system” but feels helplessly alone. And where can he get the courage to break free?

Anyone who is frustrated inside will tend to take the easy route to success since his work never inspires him. He just needs the money and if he can cheat, steal or con somebody else, it's easier for him and much less of the work he hates. That's when he starts looking for 'easy money' and that's when his life takes a turn for the worse.

Easy money bloats his ego with a false perception of success, and he starts enjoying the appreciation of his society who starts calling him a 'big man'. So, he becomes extremely materialistic and self-centered. Now, doing for others is out of question. He can't have enough for himself for the pit of sins is wide open.

When materialism takes place in a loving heart, how long can one remain within the modes of the real ethics of happiness and how long can one go on without breaking the universal laws of cause and effect?

That's when a man is no more bothered or caring for his fellow human being. He wants to win, no matter what, even if he has to trample over all who come in his way. His sadistic lust for more money, more appreciation, more…makes him a machine of striving. He keeps going on and on, collecting more and more, and now it is extremely difficult for him to survive without the high standard he has created himself. So, any which way he can, he will. Beg, borrow or steal becomes his way of life.

Will such a hungry human being ever feel fulfilled? Will he truly enjoy his life? No. One, he does not have the time. Two, he does not care whether what he is doing is correct or wrong for as long as he is making more, so why should he bother.

Such a man tends to become an insensitive machine to the cares and concerns of this world. And when someone becomes insensitive towards humanity itself, can he remain a good human being?

Though most children follow practically the same route of upbringing, however, a few strong-willed ones decide to take a “higher” path of spiritual living and continue being the good human beings that are so rare.